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Международная лаборатория "Многомодальные биометрические и речевые системы"

Program field



4 weeks


On site: 15.06.15 – 19.06.15 (to be confirmed)

Online mode: 25.05.15-12.06.15 (to be confirmed)

Application deadlines

March, 20 (to be confirmed)



Course admission requirements

  • Bachelor level students in respective fields (3rd year and up)
  • Master and PhD students


370 euro for a person (To be confirmed)

Group of 3-5 (To be confirmed)

Special conditions for leading partner universities apply

Included in price

Academic content and support materials, thematic tours

Brief description:

This summer camp includes lectures and labs devoted principles of design of optical devices. Basic working methods of the development of optical instruments in the modern production are considered. The focus is on the design and development of device units. The effective work in CAD systems is also considered.

Key modules:


As a result you will know more about mounting optics in optical instruments, depending on its purpose and the conditions of the device operation, you will work out the design components of optical devices, and have experience in developing software and other support for the automation of the design by your own. 

The certificate showing the number of earned ECTS credits.

Contact information and inquiries Anna Voznesenskaya, PhD   voznesenskaya@mail.ifmo.ru