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Department of Information Technology

IT Department is the central unit responsible for meeting the computing needs of ITMO students, faculty and staff through sustainable functioning and development of university’s IT infrastructure.

The system of intranet and internet solutions includes a corporate information environment that provides access to university’s resources and communications; personal information space of students; faculty and staff; promotion university’s resources on the internet, and development of mobile infrastructure.

The Oracle-based information management system supports university’s activities in academic, administrative, financial and other areas.

Students are highly involved in the development of the university’s IT infrastructure as part of the Oracle Academy and an internal continuous education system


Irina Popova, PhD

Tel +7 (812) 232-76-22

E-mail popova@corp.ifmo.ru


Adress Kronversky Pr. 49, Office 401, St. Petersburg, Russia 197101

Pavel Belikov, Head of Intranet-solutions Office

Tel +7 (812) 232-61-74

E-mail pbelikov@mail.ifmo.ru

Andrew Kurkuin, Head of Internet-solutions Department

Tel +7 (812) 232-61-74
E-mail  kurkin@mail.ifmo.ru